Spiritual Kink | Weekly Integration Circle

Let's talk about sex & spirituality

Every Monday 5-7 pm PST 🌹 

The soulgasmic, the complex, the confusing, the shameful, the painful, the beautiful, the tantalizing, the deep, the delicious, the transcendental...

This space is:

  • a place to explore the spiritual dimensions & deeper layers of our sexuality
  • a place for sexual shadow work / shadow hunting
  • a place to cultivate deeper understandings of self
  • a place to share your own personal experiences & insights ONLY
  • a place to re-evaluate & release shame stories
  • a place to reclaim our voices / proclaim & share our pleasure & our deep desires
  • a place to explore our patterns, pain body, our pleasure... 
  • a place to simply talk about sex & sexuality

This is not a place to:

  • heal or process active/unaddressed trauma or address open/recent wounds
  • disclose the identity of any of your partners or share their experiences
  • make value judgements, shame or attack others
  • solicit sex, or make passes at other participants

What you'll get:

  • a weekly 2-hour call with other open, curious & vulnerable humans (8 hours monthly)
  • a sacred container to share as deeply as you desire
  • A unique format & fresh topic each week
  • new insights & inspiration 
  • a space for insightful mirroring, community shadow work, & more.


Receive 8 hours a month of intellectually-stimulating, heart-centered integration & sharing in our intimate online community container, auto-billed at $88 a month, with the ability to cancel anytime. ❤️🙏 


Please only enter this space if you are in a place in your healing journey where you feel skilled in nervous system regulation (able to handle your triggers responsibly without projecting or attacking others) & adequately resourced to process any unhealed traumas that may get agitated in this space. The intention of this space is more for verbal processing rather than active trauma healing & emotional processing in the group. Emotions are 100% welcome as they naturally occur, and please be clear on the intention here. If you are stewarding very active or recent wounds, this may not be the space for you. Enter at your own risk as shares may be graphic, triggering, etc. They may also be exquisitely beautiful, raw and tender. Please be compassionate & respectful of the full scope & range of shares. 

Please only enter this space if you can respect others vulnerability, privacy & the truth of their experience. 

There are no refunds. You may cancel your subscription any time.

$88.88 USD

Every month