Shamanic Womb Healing 🌹 3 Session Bundle

Receive deep support on your healing & womb awakening journey. 

You will receive:

  • Onboarding questionnaire
  • (3) 2.5-hr shamanic healing sessions at my private practice space in Seattle.
  • 30-min follow-up integration call after each session. (1.5 hours total)
  • 9 total hrs of 1:1 focused & devoted holistic healing space, ceremony & integration support
  • herbal ally recommendations for physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing
  • (1) herbal remedy to support you in your healing process
  • Deep presence & sacred space
  • Life-changing emotional clearings, tools, initiations & transmissions to support you in living your most alive, pleasurable & powerful life.
  • Unpredictable gifts from the Great Mystery
  • Holistic healing support from Haazel Hannah - rose womb priestess, embodiment mentor, shamanic bodyworker, witch & astro-herbalist. Graduate of the International School of Temple Arts level 1 & 2, trained ISTA Sacred Spot practitioner, apprentice of Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage©  & initiated young Abuela.
  • Discounted option to hire for ongoing coaching & integration support.


3-session packages are $1500.  🌹 

Individual sessions are $600 each. Purchase as a bundle to receive these extra bonuses & save $300. Sliding scale options & payment plans can be arranged. Please text me to work out these details. 425.590.7064

What Women Are Saying:

After years of therapy, I came to Hannah for help healing sexual trauma, which was making it difficult to connect fully in the ways I wanted to. I found her presence to be both powerful and disarming. She was with me through some very difficult emotional releases & earned my respect and trust with her capacity, professionalism, and intuitive care. I have done 3 sessions with Hannah and will do more because of how much progress I made with her. I feel more confident, less ashamed of my body, and am better equipped to handle triggers when they happen. I highly recommend Hannah for people dealing with the results of sexual abuse or body shame to relaim your body for you. with love, Krista

Krista D.

Haazel is a beautiful high priestess, so tuned in the Mystery - all which is behind the veil & she felt like this beautiful bridge bringing the magick, creating a beautiful space of connection... and (helping me to) being able to journey deep down into the mystery, the grief, all that is in the darkness & held it with such love, such grace, such beauty & if you have a chance to work with Haazel it will be a gift.

Michelle L.

It was so beautiful to feel such deep presence, deep embodied feminine wisdom. Hannah was guiding the space really intuitively, and felt so in tune with me & what my needs were... I was so shocked at how much I needed exactly that. The emotions that were coming up were fucking big, & I don't know how they would have been able to express themselves in a way that felt so safe & okay, without having Hannah to help facilitate me through that... I am so grateful to have the space to see so many layers deeper, & allow for the full expression of really intense, even scary emotions to come up. Even with all of that really hard, deep intense scary work, I still felt like priestess in the temple & felt like I was luxuriating in so much juicy magick medicine goodness with the really healing food & the other practice that we did... it was so beautiful to go through this peak moment into this soft gentle womb of the mother, & be sang to. She was channelling these beautiful songs out of nowhere & the words were just what I needed to hear. It was so profound.

Suntaya S.

$800.00 USD

2 monthly payments