Get ready to dive deep into your raw feminine embodiment & set your True self free in this 2-month transformational self-love journey.

April - May 2024


Calling in women, ready to

access their femininity, power & radiance



Dear dependable, successful, over-worked and under-touched woman. Are you spiritually malnourished?

Are you living into the power of your inner masculine, while your withered inner feminine yearns for nourishment, a depth of surrender, a place to let it all go and feel your sensuous tender wild woman self come online?

Are you feeling monetarily and materially secure, yet your self-image wobbles when you look in the mirror? Have you been sourcing your self-worth and confidence on external sources of validation - career promotions, loveless sex, superficial friendships & happy hour?

Perhaps, you've been feeling somewhat empty, numb, and uninspired by the life you are living... You're successful & things seem good according to society's standards, but still feeling unfulfilled.

Do you crave (and/or are terrified of) deep meaningful bonding with other women? Do you desire actual friends who you can be real with - that know & support the authentic you?

Do you want to love, accept & celebrate the body you’re in? Tired of feeling not good / pretty enough... Ready to kick self-loathing, insecurity & that nagging self-judgement to the curb once & for all?

Perhaps you've been feeling disconnected from your pleasure, & your sex life has been lackluster & somewhat disappointing for a while now...Or maybe you want to explore stepping into a version of yourself as a sexually-empowered Goddess capable of calling your lovers up to divine levels of worship! 

Maybe you know deep down you are worthy of ALL of this. 

Maybe you’re here because you’ve tried all the aforementioned external validation and still feel something is lacking. There are many reasons, why you might be here, but we're glad you are. 

We are here to remind you that self-devotion IS the path to wholeness.



‚ÄúThe biggest barrier for women is the thought that they can‚Äôt have it all.‚ÄĚ



our intention

The intention of this container is to create a space for us to love & embrace parts of ourselves, that we haven't allowed ourselves to be with, witness, express, or allow to be witnessed by others.

To become more comfortable in our skin, and reclaim our bodies, and lean into new layers and expressions of our sexuality - to become fully embodied women that can honestly say, we love the skin we are in.

Together we will confront self-hatred, self-disgust, body shame, & discomfort we may have with our bodies or sexual selves.

We intend to create a safe, sacred & brave space to show up in our radical authenticity, with our full & sometimes messy emotional truth. A place to reveal & integrate the parts of ourselves we've been hiding & repressing. A place of courageous vulnerability, resilient relationships, naked truth, soulful expression & radiant beauty.

A place to explore our sacred eroticism, our edges, the innocence of our bodies, the wisdom of our emotions, the outdated stories we've been living inside of & limiting beliefs we've been squandered by... 

To offer a place for reclamation, to help us restore our sense of wholeness, to access our full power, and enable us to live healthy, vibrant, magickal, & soulgasmically-fulfilling lives as embodied women living the Beauty Way.


the format


This life-altering program consists of (6) 3-hr in-person women's embodiment & shamanic healing ceremonies, plus a with online support & coaching throughout, held within the sacred embrace & blossoming of a true sisterhood. 

18 hours of deeply healing embodiment sessions, in person, in sisterhood, in Seattle, WA

PLUS an overnight weekend immersive closing ceremony, Memorial Day weekend (Sun/Monday 1pm-1pm)

PLUS online coaching, integration & sisterhood support throughout the process.

We will be using this space to face the parts of ourselves we don't like or are uncomfortable with. We will be practicing embracing ourselves fully in the presence of other women cheering us on into our fullest expression, inviting us to more deeply embody our power and radiance. This will be a potent space for shadow work, held in a container of devotional love, full permission, radical compassion & self-responsibility.

Each session will begin with an opening circle, and then the 3 hours will be a mix of both heavily-facilitated, lightly-facilitated and some self-guided embodiment practice & mirrorwork experiences, along with some carefully crafted rituals to support you in anchoring a deeper sense of self-love & self-acceptance regarding your body, self-image, sexuality & femininity.

Think of it like part yoga class, dance class, grief ritual, women's circle, personal self-care time, & ancient priestess temple, with mirror work, somatic explorations, guided meditations, guided self-massage experiences, sound baths, mini-workshops & more.  

Journey with us this¬†April & May, in the spring season where our bodies and spirits are naturally oriented toward growth, and shaking off the cobwebs of winter, as we prepare for fully bloom this summer.¬†ūüĆĻ¬†

These (6) 3-hr ceremonies will be hosted in our gorgeous Temple of Sacred Arts in Capital Hill - a feminine-led space dedicated to supporting the healing & awakening of the feminine in all beings -- with the possibility of 1-2 outdoor ceremonies when the weather improves. ūüĆ쬆

Over these next 2 months, completely new possibilities will open up for you in your life, as you face these shadows and integrate these banished parts of you, bringing more of your power online than ever before, with sisters, standing by your side. 

You'll be gracefully guided & held throughout this transformational process, by Hannah Elledge, RuthAnne Comrie, and Mahina Gardener, along with a few special guest facilitators along the way -- offering you a rare breadth & depth of support.  

Most programs these days are online, but as we know, this type of healing doesn't happen in the mind, and who wants to spend more time on the computer? ūüĎ©‚ÄćūüíĽūü§ē¬† Few programs of this nature offer you the ability to come to a space in your local community, to heal and foster lifelong relationships and allies in your healing journey. ūüĎĮ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ¬†


Welcome to your dedicated time for Self-Care in Community


the investment


 W H A T   Y O U   R E C E I V E :

  • (6) 3 hour in-person ceremonies for transformational embodiment ($5,000 value)
    • 18 hours of alchemical & ceremonial group work
    • support from 3 highly¬†skilled facilitators
  • 1 immersive weekend closing ceremony Memorial Day Weekend (Sun/Mon May 26/27)
  • private online coaching & sisterhood portal ($3,600 value)
  • numerous practices & tools to support you in your journey (INVALUABLE)
  • deep lifelong relationships (INVALUABLE)
  • weekly journal prompts¬†& at-home embodiment & self-love practices ($400 value)¬†
  • erotic embodiment FINALE photoshoot¬† ($1000 value)¬†
  • Sex with a Goddess Podcast Season 1 & 2 ($40 value)¬†
  • Hand-crafted Rose Tincture ($25)
  • other surprise bonuses ‚ú®¬†

Total Value: $10,000

Total Investment: $2,500*

Non-refundable Deposit Due to Reserve Your Space: $500


F I N A N C I A L   A C C E S S I B I L I T Y   O P T I O N S :

* Payment Plans Available

  • $500 deposit + $1000/mo
  • $500 deposit + 4 biweekly payments of $500

** (2) BIPOC partial scholarships available (30% off)

  • $500 deposit + 4 biweekly payments of $313

*** (2) partial work-trade opportunities available ($500 off)

  • $500 deposit + 4 biweekly payments of $375


T O   S E C U R E   Y O U R   S P O T :

STEP 1: submit your $500 non-refundable deposit as a gesture of your commitment.

STEP 2: complete your application form.

If for any reason, your application is not approved, your $500 deposit will become fully refundable. ūüĎƬ†


If you have questions please contact Hannah Elledge

[email protected]

love the skin you're in

benefits of the Embodied Woman program


There is no need to project confidence when you feel secure in your body. Confidence is a natural by-product of embodiment, rather than flimsy facade you try to project & hope others will believe.


Beauty isn't really about your physical features, but more about your inner energy and how that radiates out & through your physical form. We will help you shift your inner state in a way that lasts, so you can experience your true beauty & radiance.


Weirdly enough, embracing our ugliness makes us more beautiful. We are already whole, but have been made to feel unworthy, not good enough, wrong, bad, & unlovable... We get to love, tend & bring into wholeness ALL these sacred & innocent parts of us. 


space is limited to 8 dedicated women

ready to do the work,

to change their lives, 

& love themselves like never before.

we'll be weaving in:


Sacred Sexuality & Womb Awakening

Femininity - Masculinity 

King/Queen Codes & Polarity

Feminine Mysteries

Erotic Embodiment

Sisterhood / Sister Wounds


Emotional Alchemy

Self-Expression & Throat Chakra Clearing

Nervous System Healing

Mirror Work & Self-Acceptance

Dance & BodyWork

Power Reclamation



Beloved, loving yourself is a PRACTICE. Not a concept.

‚Äē¬†Hannah Elledge


your guides on this journey

meet the facilitators


Mahina Gardener

Ceremonialist, Embodiment Guide, Song Channel & Stylist.


specializing in:

the art of communication . personal aesthetic development . erotic embodiment 


student of:

sound & vocal medicine .  sensual arts & feminine mysteries



The Modern Mystery School, her Maestra & sacred plant medicines of the Quechua/Peruvian Mestizo tradition. 

Hannah Elledge

Womb Priestess, Embodiment Guide, & Somatic Shamanic Healing Arts Practitioner

specializing in:

womb awakening & pelvic healing . emotional alchemy . trauma healing & nervous system repatterning . shamanic bodywork 

student of: 

sacred sexuality . tantra . temple arts . ritual . energy healing . the Old Ways & indigenous wisdom. 


International School of Temple Arts, Seren & Azra Bertrand, Cherezade Aanya, Isis Indriya & the Academy of Oracle Arts, The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, Amara Karuna, Abuelo Marzo Yuk Quetzal, Mantak Chia, David Deida, sacred plant medicine teachers.



RuthAnne Comrie

Somatic Sex Coach, Embodiment Guide & Certified Sexological Bodyworker

specializing in:

emotional-sensual-sexual enlivening . pleasure expansion . radical self-acceptance . inner coherence 


student of: 

contact improv . feminine mysteries . transformational justice .



International School of Temple Arts, The SEA School of Embodiment, The Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers, 



‚ÄúEvery woman‚Äôs success should be an inspiration to another. We‚Äôre strongest when we cheer each other on.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē Serena Williams



what sisters are saying about their experiences


"Ruthanne has an exceptional ability to hold loving presence and empathy. Her way of honoring the deepest truth of my experience opens me up to my own inner wisdom and empowerment. I always feel my most vibrant, whole self intimately and powerfully after working with her. I enthusiastically recommend her!"
- Mia

"After years of all varieties of therapy, I came to Hannah for help. She taught me practical somatic practices to move intense energy out of my body when it arises, and was with me through some very difficult emotional releases. She earned my respect and trust with her capacity and intuitive care. I feel more confident, less ashamed of my body, and am better equipped to handle triggers when they happen. I highly recommend Hannah for people dealing with the results of sexual abuse or body shame to relaim your body for you."
- Krista

"Mahina has a really intuitive sense for identifying ways to level up... Her energy was masterfully tuned into ways to help."
- Ari


Join us in this Springtime 2-month transformational journey

Your life will never be the same. Come learn and practice loving the skin your in, find your feminine power, reclaim your innocent sexual essence & come home to yourself.

our why

Even though this work could seem selfish at first glance... It isn't. There are massive & meaningful ripple effects that will occur, far beyond what you personally get out of this.

When we are well-resourced as women, everyone in our lives benefit. When we as women live in our full power, truth, & love we become a blessing to this world and our very being helps to heal & restore cosmic balance, in a day-and-age when this is desperately needed. 

The masculine imbalance on our planet is glaringly evident. 

For 5,000 years we have lived under the shadow of patriarchal religions with a masculine God - completely robbed of Feminine Divinity... demonizing many aspects of femininity. Leading to the murder of more than 9 million wise women across Europe, and the genocide of indigenous cultures around the world... the legacy & imprint of this egregious distortion & imbalance has permeated our lives, bodies & minds, in both extreme, subtle & hidden ways.

When we look at the modern world we see the devastating effects of the suppression of the feminine - the soul loss and disconnection in the modern world that has resulted in a species where depression is the number one world illness and where we cannot even safely drink the earth's waters. 

We live in a relentlessly productive, individualistic mind-based & hyper-masculine paradigm where the feminine in all beings has been persecuted - where competition, greed & fear runs rampant. 

And where does that leave us, as women?

Burnt out, anxious, hormonally-haywire, exhausted, sick, resentful, bitter...

We know that so much of the problems we see & experience in the world today derive from our collective relationship to the feminine.

And it is our knowing that healthy, balanced, authentic, empowered, nourished & allied women who love themselves and carry the medicine of self-forgiveness, radical compassion, & body wisdom are what the world desperately needs at this time.

As we learn to love ourselves wholly and completely, from an honest place, we can help to restore LOVE as the dominant vibration on this planet. 

It's our silent revolution. It's our activism. We know that reality is more than what is seems, and that our internal state (especially as women) creates and impacts our external reality. So here we are, showing up to do our work, hand-in-hand, so that we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

We¬†pray you'll join us. ūüôŹ¬†


You deserve to feel good in your body

& love who you are.

this is the path. join us.