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BodyLove Temple

Wed. May 3rd 🌹 

7:00 - 11pm  ·   Sacred Embodiment Community Center, Seattle, WA

Come for an evening of sacred conscious touch. This sensual arts temple, is an opportunity to both serve others' wellness, healing & vitality & to also receive sacred touch & physical/ energetic care. As we elevate our consciousness, we must anchor these awakenings and frequencies in the body. This sliding scale donation-based event is for us to share love & co-create a communal healing container to anchor deeper love codes into the body. ✨ All genders welcome  
May 3rd 🙏

Monthly Priestess Temple & Women's Circle

Womb Church

April 30th 🌹 June 4th

1-7pm @ The Sacred Embodiment Center, Seattle, WA

Calling the awakening Priestesses of the Greater Seattle Area to gather in sacred space once monthly, to commune with the mystery, to deepen in sisterhood, to tap new levels of power & pleasure, to reclaim your sexuality & pleasure, to practice the art of ritual, to practice your magick, heal your body & spirit, open your voice & heart...

This monthly temple is for US beloved! to co-create magick, step into our gifts, heal together, build deeper more intimate relationships & trust, to deepen in our connection to the cosmic womb, and our own temple bodies.

Temples will offer a variety of sisters the opportunity to share their medicine & step into their leadership. Temples may include sound baths, breathwork, massage & bodywork, ecstatic dance, sharing circles, song circles, embodiment & tantra practices, magickal rituals, & sensual arts, & more.

If you feel the call to descend deeper into your temple body & rise in sacred sisterhood - please reserve your sacred space. Space is limited. 🙏 🌹

These temples will open & close on time, but everything in between will be emergent, based on a clear intention & loose structure & a deep connection to the present moment & what is emerging. The schedule below is for illustrative purposes only.

Reserve Your Space 4/30
Reserve Your Space 6/4

Tantra Temple 🌹  Gender Inclusive

Worship the Goddess 

🌹 TBA September 2023

An intimate space of pleasure, devotion & mystery. This specific temple is dedicated to the practice of Goddess Worship - a place to playfully & lovingly serve the embodied feminine, with a full & open heart, as an offering - a form of prayer & act of devotion to the Divine. Let's bless up our women who are stepping into their radiance, beauty, power & pleasure. This is a space to explore the sensual arts, sacred sexuality, ancient mystery teachings & living as embodied love.

Embodying Love is perhaps the most potent form of activism. May all beings be loved deeply. 

☝️ You must first attend a Community BodyLove Temple night to be admitted.

Apply for Admission

✨  What Sisters Are Saying ✨ 

Amanda M.


"Just got home from an incredible retreat facilitated by WitchEye Awakened & Crystal Claire. The container they created felt like a long embrace with mother followed by a breathy sigh of relief. My inner child is overjoyed & delights in new friendships, newly found power, & the ability to process so much trauma.
I screamed my rage for the first time. I opened my heart up more than I've ever felt it expand. 
It is my deep wish that I can spread the healing, the love, the joy and the liberation that came with this time spent. Please join me in supporting these incredibly wise women devoted to reconnecting us with our power, our nature."

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