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The Sex Education You Wish You Had 

Tues. Dec 12th

7:00 - 11pm  ·  The Temple of Sacred Arts, Seattle, WA

Let's be honest - porn & public school has failed to adequately support us in becoming healthy, knowledgable & skilled lovers.

So we will offer you some accessible wisdom & teachings from ancient lineages & wisdom traditions, including Tantra, Taoism, as well as modern science.

We will offer a deep dive into sexual anatomy, dispelling some common myths, and helping you have a better understanding of your own body, and those you might encounter.

We will offer some teachings on some best practices for how relate with bodies that are different from your own.

Together we will be able to dispell some of the cultural shame & social stigmas we may have inherited & reclaim the sacredness of these life-generating & deeply wondrous, & pleasurable parts of ourselves.


Dec. 12th 🙏

Community BodyLove Temple

Dec. 18th & Jan. 17th🌹 

7:00 - 11pm  ·  The Temple of Sacred Arts, Seattle, WA

Come for an evening of sacred conscious touch. This sensual arts temple, is an opportunity to both serve others' wellness, healing & vitality & to also receive sacred touch & physical/ energetic care. As we elevate our consciousness, we must anchor these awakenings and frequencies in the body. This sliding scale donation-based event is for us to share love & co-create a communal healing container to anchor deeper love codes into the body. ✨ All genders welcome  
Dec. 18th 🙏
Jan. 17th 🙏

Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage Training 

Jan 5th - 7th🌹 

7pm   ·   The Temple of the Sacred Arts, Seattle, WA

Learn to Give - slow, nurturing, healing bodywork around the pelvis and genital areas to bring bliss to your partner

Learn Your Body - study the detailed and amazing anatomy of the pelvic area, and specific acupressure points for sexual health

Expand Pleasure - Move deeper into sexual potential and skills with specific massage techniques


Weekend includes:

• Secrets of Your Erotic Body slideshow • Movement and embodiment practices • Group sharing • Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage Training
Jan. 5th - 7th 🙏

Introduction to Emotional Release Workshop

Wed. January 10th

7:00 - 11pm  ·  The Temple of Sacred Arts, Seattle, WA

Come learn healthy tools for releasing stuck & suppressed emotions, so we can reduce anxiety, be more present & become healthier human beings. We will specifically work with creating more somatic awareness, nervous system regulation, & clearing karmic emotional patterns. All beings welcome. 7-11pm.

Jan. 10th 🙏

✨  What Sisters Are Saying ✨ 

Amanda M.


"Just got home from an incredible retreat facilitated by WitchEye Awakened & Crystal Claire. The container they created felt like a long embrace with mother followed by a breathy sigh of relief. My inner child is overjoyed & delights in new friendships, newly found power, & the ability to process so much trauma.
I screamed my rage for the first time. I opened my heart up more than I've ever felt it expand. 
It is my deep wish that I can spread the healing, the love, the joy and the liberation that came with this time spent. Please join me in supporting these incredibly wise women devoted to reconnecting us with our power, our nature."

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