Hello Beloved

Ready to heal & live into your deepest YES so that we can co-create heaven on earth?

I am here to help you as a healing guide, coach, witch & womb priestess.

I facilitate sacred gatherings, offer 1:1 coaching, & holistic wellness support through herbalism, spiritual counseling & shamanic bodywork. 


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Hello Beloved


Welcome to my Cauldron.

Take a whiff.

See what moves you.

Let your body be your guide.

Listen to the whispers inside. 

Deep breath.

Now take a dive.


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a few of my

Sacred Services


Holistic Wellness & Herbal Medicine Consultation


Know that something is off with your body? Pharmaceuticals causing you more side-effects than relief? Want to heal at the root with natural medicine from the Earth? Want to feel supported in achieving optimum wellness from a mind-body-spirit perspective? Looking for ethically-crafted custom remedies?


Meet Your Herbal Allies & Heal Holistically

Shamanic Womb / Sexual Healing


Menstrual issues, infertility, unhealthy sexual patterns, sexual trauma, ancestral trauma, birth trauma? disconnected from your deepest pleasure, power & intuition? disconnected from your feminine essence & truth? Living in your masculine - burnt-out & tired? Struggling with boundaries & your intimate relationships?


Be Held & Supported in Your Womb Healing Journey


Shamanic Bodywork 

holistic healing sessions  |  Duvall, WA

Do you ever wish you could get a spiritual massage? where the bodyworker is attuning to your energy-body, traumas & body wisdom? Where they are supporting you in co-creating a deeply healing experience rather than giving you what they think you need? What if you could experience deep catharsis & release stuck emotions in the process?

Book A Shamanic Bodywork Session

“Creation is a love story;

we are created to fall in love,

to be love in love with love."

Azra Bertrand


“Truly committing to Love will take you on the royal road of the soul. Not only will you pass through all your own personal wounds and ancestral wounds, but it will also lead you through the valley of the original sacred wound of humanity—when sacred duality became separation. This is what we may call the feminine Christ path. We do not sit up on a mountain and ignore the valley beneath us—we walk down, flooding all experiences with Love and forgiveness, restoring connection.” 

Azra Bertrand,  Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life

1:1 Coaching

So Much More is Possible

If you aren't inspired by your love life, your relationships, your sexual experiences, then there is work to be done & I'm HERE for it.

I've been blessed to tap into utterly soulgasmic possibilities & I'm here to make sure you get to experience this mind-blowing magick too.


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