Join the awakening westcoast Priestesshood. Step into your divine feminine magick, power & purpose in the strength, witnessing & allyship of other powerful sisters. Co-create the most magickal sisterhood experience of our lives (so far), for 3 days & 4 sacred nights at this wilderness retreat in a mystical forest of the Molalla peoples, an hour outside Portland, Oregon. 

What Magick Will We Weave?

Here is some of the juicy goodness you can anticipate during our ceremonial weekend of healing, magick, ritual, sisterhood, embodiment, rewilding & transformation.

Sacred Sisterhood

Experience the sensation of deep trusting sisterhood. Cultivate emotional & embodied intimacy. May the sister wound become an ancient past, as we come deeper into our hearts, truth & power. The sacred sisterhood rising will rebalance our world & restore wellness to our planet. The time is now.

Womb Awakening

Feminine Mystery Teachings, Womb Cosmology & Goddess Worship, Wisdom of Venus transmissions, Shamanic Womb Journey, Ancestral & Trauma Healing, Emotional Release, Energy Hygiene & Protection, 13th Womb Rite


Reawaken the WILD in you, reconnect to your primal nature. Run through the trees. Meet the plants. Continue to re-indigenize through remembrance & practicing right relationship & reciprocity & restore our sacred promise. Break the shackles of "society" keeping you from your fullest joy, power & self-expression.

Feminine Leadership

We are the elders in training & we are being called into our leadership. Radical self-responsibility & deep allyship with LOVE & TRUTH at the center. What does TRUE embodied feminine leadership rooted in sacred sisterhood feel like? It is up to us to decide. What is Gaia asking of us?

Sacred Sexuality

Tantra Basics, Feminine Embodiment, Erotic Innocence vs. Erotic Shadow, Embodied Sovereignty, Belly Dancing, Womb Clearing, Trauma Healing, Somatic Awareness & Boundaries, Pleasure Magick, Magdalene Transmissions

Vision & Manifestion Magick

Life Path Realignment & Dharma Acceleration. How are we being called to serve? How are we being called into deeper alignment? How can we support each other in our soul work? Think priestess networking group / (womb)manifestation coven. Patriarchy can't survive us. Prosperity is our birthright. 

Throat Chakra Healing

Express your grief, rage, pleasure, Truth, & heart song. Practice creating your reality through the power of your word through spellcasting. Explore song as prayer & shamanic sounding. Practice sharing your desires & boundaries with clarity, love & power.

Planetary Healing

River Blessing. Earth as Altar. Intro to Ritual Arts (The Art of Becoming), Basics of Magick, Spellcasting, Prayer, Song as Prayer, Dance as Prayer, Food as Prayer, Ceremonial Living, Earth-based Magick, Sex Magick. Inspired Collective Action, Karma Yoga.

Sound Bath

Vibrational Therapy

Body Work

Conscious Touch


Heart Medicine


& Cold Plunge

Song Circle

& Fire Ceremony

Priestess Facilitation Team

Crystal Claire

Temple of the White Rose

Venusian Rose Priestess, Integrative Nutrition Health Guide, Natural Medicine Ceremonialist, & Intuitive Clarity Activator. Indigenous & Environmental Rights Activist.

"Haazel" Hannah


Witch & Womb Priestess. Herbalist. Shamanic Sexual Healing Guide. Feminine Empowerment Coach. Regenerative Design Consultant & Impact Brand Developer. Gaia Devotee.

Christine Ahhhh

Honorary Chrone | HeartsQuest

Water Priestess & Founder of the Mermaid Temple. Creatrix. Singer, Writer, Ritualist. Rites of Passage & Women's Circles Facilitator. Sound Healing Practitioner. 

Hosted by:

Trout Creek Wilderness Lodge & Retreat Center

Molalla, Oregon

Sauna & Bath House

with an 8 person cedar hot tub, an antique clawfoot bathtub for cold plunging, a massage table & tea nook, & a changing room with access to the outdoor rain shower & 12 person cedar sauna. Let us relish in the western red cedar emanating their healing oils in the hot water & steam, & warm our bones in this magickal space.

River Deck


Tucked on the bank of the Molalla River, the yoga deck will be a serene, inspiring & beautiful space for our embodiment practices, meditation, and to commune with the sacred river spirits.

Old Growth Forest


Just southeast of Portland, Oregon in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, with views of Mt. Hood, this spectacular 300 acres of wilderness is the perfect place to reconnect with the wild within.

Choose from a variety of lodging options

your registration includes the option to sleep in the lodge, or you may upgrade to a shared or private accommodation. Trout Creek has tiny houses, cabins, bell tents, campsites & more - starting at $15/night. 


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4 Sacred Nights in a Mystical Forest with Awakening Queens of the PNW

The keys to your next level of leadership, power, beauty, prosperity & love are locked in sisterhood. This shamanic womb circle is an alchemical container for radical growth, healing & empowerment. Join us, in co-creating feminine magick for personal power, & planetary prosperity.









Energy Exchange

Early Riser


until midnight Oct 11th

$222 OFF for the first 9 women to register before Oct 11th.

If you are feeling financially well-resourced, please reserve Early Riser for women needing financial accessibility & instead register as a Prosperity Queen.

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Prosperity Queen


For our sovereign queens rocking the material world. 

Registering as a Prosperity Queen helps our cooperative economic pricing model to function & aids all our sisters in being able to attend regardless of financial status.

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Frugal Witch


Pay in 2 installments

For our sisters on a lean budget.

Many retreats cost as much as $1,500 - $10,000... but this retreat is priced to be both as accessible, as possible and nourishing to our facilitators & hosts. 

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