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Holistic Wellness & Herbal Medicine

Consultation & Custom Remedies

Know that something is off with your body? Pharmaceuticals causing you more side-effects than relief? Tired of putting band-aids on your symptoms? Want to heal at the root with natural medicine from the Earth? Want to feel supported in achieving optimum wellness from a mind-body-spirit perspective? 

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Shamanic Bodywork & Intuitive Healing

Sacred Touch

our body built by our mother's, carries within it's cellular memory: traumas, stories, pain, blockages, gifts, treasures, lessons... In this shamanic somatic healing session, you will have the container & support to release the stuck emotions & karmic ancestral material from your physical, energetic & emotional body, so that you can experience greater pleasure & wellness. 

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Sexual Healing Sessions For Women

Shamanic Womb Healing 

sessions for women healing sexual trauma, shame, menstrual issues & imbalances, womb pain, infertility, miscarriage, abortion, birth trauma, other womb / sexual health issues or for those simply looking to build a deeper & more powerful relationship with their womb, body & sexual self.

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Sexual Healing For Men

Sex, Love & Intimacy Coaching 

1:1 coaching sessions for men curious about tantra & sacred sexuality, or who are wanting to become better lovers, attract more aligned partners &/or experience deeper & more fulfilling relationships.

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