I’m Haazel


I am in love with the Supreme Goddess Gaia, & know in my bones that it is time for the Divine Feminine to reawaken & live in full power & love.

My spiritual journey of reclamation & healing has led me to this moment, leaning into my calling to serve the planet as a guide for other awakening sisters.

I am here to share the medicine of my experience & gnosis to activate & unleash the primal & sublime power of the embodied feminine on this planet. 

Utimately, my aim is to restore cosmic balance in our world, end the cycle of sexual violence, and heal the wombs of our women, so that we may birth heaven on earth & come back into right relationship with Gaia. 

My Womb Awakening Journey…

began on a medicine journey, when I first felt this deep primordial desire in my womb to carry a child & be a mother. It was unlike anything I had ever felt, it was a beautifully soul-wrenching desire. 


Shortly after, I joined my first womb circle with Priestess Cherezade Aanya who is an initiate in the Fountain of Life Mystery School, founded by Azra & Seren Betrand - authors of the renowned book Womb Awakening. 


The next two years were BIG ONES! The first year, I put most of my focus on building a relationship with my womb for the first time. I started to learn her language. I started off with a lot of apologies & pain, processing the trauma & transgressions, me & my lineage had endured and allowed. I began practicing conscious menstruation & attuning myself to the lunar cycle, while also ending an abusive relationship.


The next year, I joined her second womb circle, to dive a layer deeper. I began calling in relational healing with the masculine, & had some deeply profound experiences that have helped me to shed and express DEEEEEEP layers of grief & ancient pain. As I recovered from NPD abuse, I found new levels of my power, as I came into relationship with my boundaries, and my rage, which was a catalyst for my throat chakra healing work.  And, I began exploring shamanic menstruation, freebleeding, & the blood mysteries.  


I have since read the epic 400-page womb mysteries manual - Womb Awakening, & began studying the ancient lineage of Isis & transmissions of Mary Magdalene. And this past year, I completed the level 1 & level 2 immersive trainings with the International School of Temple Arts, studying & practicing sexual shamanism, sacred sexuality, transpersonal sexuality, & somatic trauma healing.


I am now actively hosting private sexual healing temples, & practicing tantra & sex magick. I continue to journey deeper into this mysterious portal of pleaure and magick…  My womb speaks to me loudly now, clearly, & is my greatest guide in life, in partnership with my heart.  I relish in my bleeding time & no longer suffer from debilitating cramps. I continue to journey deeper into the mysteries of the womb, as I still hold the deep prayer for motherhood.


It is my joy & privilege to support women ready to embark on their feminine reclamation journey of embodied healing, unlocking their fullest expression of pleasure, power & purpose.

& I feel honored to initiate the awakening masculine into womb mysteries & support conscious men in embodying sacred sexuality, remembering the ways of ways right relationship for those walking the divine warrior path of the love.

My Soul Purpose, My Dharma

… … …

My mission is to make sure every woman on this planet knows the sacredness of her body, the power of her pleasure, & her divine role in the co-creating cosmic balance in the universe.

I see a world of sisters living in lusciousness. I see no more babies born into traumatized wombs. I see evolved men, healed and well, fucking their women to GOD. I see men & women in deep honor, reverence & partnership with one another. I see pleasure & juiciness dripping from our souls. I see everyone living in the radiance that comes from being met deeply & loved to the core. I see us living turned on by life! I see activated womb portals manifesting miracles through sex magick. I see Gaia flourishing... nurtured, & worshiped. I feel Heaven, here on Earth.


My Professional Background

… … …

I’ve spent the last few years, as a Vision Midwife & Evolutionary Brand Consultant.

Collaborating with luminaries, to birth (r)evolutionary businesses devoted to cultural transformation & leaving legacies of love, wellness & prosperity. By consulting leaders on the spiritual, strategic & tactical dimensions of materializing their dreams and visions, I help people cultivate brands & lifestyles that are in integrity with their unique soul blueprint & serve our planets’ highest good.

My unique approach 
integrates conscious dream-life design, feminine-masculine rebalancing, embodiment, and the integration of regenerative earth-based wisdom, so that we can each live a life of delicious dharma as fully activated beings bringing our planet into balance, harmony & wellness.

More About Me

ā€¦ ā€¦ ā€¦

Siyo Tso Si Gwo.Ā 

A few years ago, IĀ had the privilegeĀ & honor of being initiated in the Mayan lands as a Young Abuela (Grandmother), in an eldersā€™ council, apprenticing in the ancient wisdom ways of the a mixture of lineages from central America. I gathered with this elder's councilĀ for 3 solstices, as children of a New & Ancient consciousness, in serviceĀ with prophecies of the Eagle, the Condor, & the Quetzal, the unification of the tribes, and the healing of mother Earth.

This work calls deeply to my heart, as a mixed blood European-Native, building relationship with my ancestors. My ancestors are Creek, Shawnee, Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, English & Welsh. My Cherokee ancestors areĀ Paint (medicine) Clan & Wolf (warrior) Clan. I am a hereditary witch via my Irish/Scottish Grandma Fern.

I currently live on Snoqualmie land, in a yurt in the woods with my family. I have a passion for plant medicine, gardening, reading, learning languages, dancing, singing, drumming,Ā &Ā making everything into art.

I am a manifesting generator. Pisces Sun. Pisces Moon.Ā ScorpioĀ Rising. North Node in Capricorn. Venus & Mars conjunct in Aquarius, and Mercury in Aries.Ā 

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