Shamanic Womb Healing

Womb Healing is a deeply intimate journey. What your womb needs, at what time & in what way, will be unique to you. I am here to be available for that emergence & divine communication to aid in the restoration of your womb health & the remembrance and awakening of your womb power. 

I am honored to be here as a guide, ally, space holder, witness, supporter, priestess & divine reflection.

Shamanic Womb Healing Video by Hannah Elledge

Sessions May Include

whatever your body, spirit, heart, & womb are asking for...


Emotional Release


Most modern wombs & hearts are carrying trauma, whether from this lifetime, from our lineage or from the collective... Many of us, barely, rarely get the space to fully feel our emotions. Trapped in a society that wants us to "keep it together" and be docile "good girls", tamed & polished people pleasers -- we have so much untapped power & pleasure lurking underneath our unprocessed emotions. Not only does power & pleasure live in those shadowy places, but so too, does our safety. It is difficult to feel safe in the world if we don't feel safe with our own emotions, & if we habitually abandon our truth & fixate on making sure every one else feels okay.

So I am here, to guide you through releasing grief, rage, despair, betrayal, pain, anxiety, frustration, fear... this is part of the underworld journey that helps us clear our karma so we can enter the heaven frequency, the cosmic womb, with a pure heart & surrender deeper to Love. This is a journey of rebuilding trust & reclaiming our power. 


Boundaries & Consent Practices


Do you struggle receiving the physical & emotional care you desire? Do you feel frustrated or unfulfilled by your experiences of intimacy & sexuality? Or maybe you are healing from sexual violence or trauma?

These practices, games & transmissions help you create an embodied understanding of how to get your needs met, clarify & communicate boundaries effectively, as well as access deeper pleasure & spiritual alignment in your relationships - with yourself, with Life, & with lovers. These tools have allowed me to rebuild somatic embodied trust, re-program my nervous system & unfreeze parts of myself that were numb from past traumas. I actively use these tools in my relationships to support myself in creating deeply aligned experiences of powerful intimacy & delicious soulgasmic pleasure.

Shamanic Womb Drum Journey


Your womb is as conscious & intelligent as your mind & heart. But many wombs have been numbed, silenced &/or are SCREAMING at us to listen. These shamanic womb journeys offer a dedicated space to consciously heal this vital relationship & rebuild fluency in the language of the wombYou don't have to suppress her voice, pain or desires anymore, I'm here to be with you in whatever shows up.

Shamanic Womb Journeys help you access & awaken your womb consciousness, helping you to receive the wisdom of your womb, opening to this inner guidance to receive shamanic visions, spiritual directives & deep psycho-spiritual somatic healing.  I use my drum, & allow myself to become a channel for sacred shamanic sound, songs & transmissions from the Lady Isis, Mary Magdalene, Gaia or other Divine Feminine deities that want to share their medicine with you, while you journey deep within yourself to commune with the Oracle - the ancient & primordial power within you, connecting you to the Truth of your being & all of creation. 

Yoni Steam Ceremony


Yoni Steaming is like smudging (an energetic cleansing & spiritual protection practice) for the womb - it is an ancient practice & purification ritual that helps us to clear old energetic material & emotions from the womb space, that can manifest as menstrual issues, womb pain, persistent & undesirable patterns in our sexual experience, & impacted fertility.

I will interview you about your sexual & menstrual health, introduce you to your herbal allies & then I will make a custom herbal formulation for you. Yoni steam ceremonies can be assisted with a mushroom microdose *if desired. If you wish to experience a Yoni Steam ceremony, it is best to wear a skirt & bring a large towel to your session. I will guide you through the experience, which will be a meditative time for you to relax & receive the healing energies of the herbs - a time to deeply commune & nourish your womb with herbal allies that can support the clearing of trauma, grief, the energy of past partners, ancestral wounds as well as help heal a variety of physical issues including PCOS, fibroids, heavy bleeding & more.


Tantric Pelvic Massage & Intimate Shamanic Bodywork

(Sacred Spot)


Many women do not receive physical touch, undivided attention & energetic support that is purely devoted their healing & sexual awakening. It can be incredibly powerful to have someone who is purely devoted to serving you & your body through sacred touch & space holding, to support you in unraveling trauma & awakening your womb consciousness.

This work is 100% consent-based & directed by you. I will offer some options of how to orient the session, & you will attune to what your inner-being is asking for & you will practice giving explicit commands for the exact type of support you'd like to receive. We will integrate tantric breath practices to support the nervous system & emotional release tools to help alchemize traumas held in the psycho-somatic self & any other energies that want to be expressed or released. Upon request the session may include affirmations, a womb blessings, yoni-gazing, pleasure mapping, yoni de-armoring, & mayan abdominal massage techniques. You are in charge, I am here to offer my hands, heart, energy, presence, gentle guidance & experience to support you in doing your work. 


What Other Sisters Are Saying...



You Don't Have to Do This Alone. 🙏 

Beloved, I've learned so much along my own healing journey & been blessed to have amazing guides along my path - it would be an honor to support you along yours. Space is limited. Inquire for sliding scale & scholarship information.