Conscious Spellcasting ✨

accountability eros impeccability integrity magick power reciprocity self-pleasure spellcasting witchcraft Apr 04, 2022


They may be simple, but that doesn’t mean they are easy. ☝️

🗝 Key #1: Impeccability
Be impeccable with your words. Eliminate anything that diminishes the potency of the truth of your words. Refrain from speaking half-truths and any form of inauthenticity. As you become more powerful, you can not be careless, sloppy or inaccurate with your word choice, or spirit will turn down your manifestation power. This also means do not say things you don’t mean. Your words have to align with your truth & power.

🗝 Key #2: Integrity
Not in the moral sense, necessarily, but in the sense of “doing what you say you are going to do.” Hunt down the ways you fail to deliver on your promises & commitments. This also majorly weakens your spellcasting power. Follow through on your words always, & if you can’t, restore integrity with verbal accountability ASAP.

🗝 Key #3: Cultivate Eros
Live turned on in your authentic embodied pleasure. Activating your sexual energy supercharges your energy field, & will amplify your spells, rituals and intentions. It will magnetize you, to support you with attraction rituals specifically. Also, do this by saying no to things that don’t feel good & indulge in a yummy self-pleasure practice every day.

🗝 Key #4: Activate your Power
Roaring, yelling, screaming. JUST RAGEEEEE, LET IT OUT. This will clear your channel, purify your energy field, & raise your vibration. It will tap you into your embodied power, & bring authority to your voice & words. It will amplify your energy, & resonance.

🗝 Key #5: Reciprocity
When you make magick, you are working with unseen spiritual forces. This isn’t something to wield willy nilly. Everything has a cost, so pay up. Give offerings of deep meaning, & value. This is a sign of respect & shows the spirits that you have skin in the game, that you aren’t asking lightly. This amplifies the power of your prayers.