I Can't Save You

authority capitalism classism coaching cosmos culture drama triangle healer healing power power dynamics self-help shamanic healing shamanism universe victim Nov 28, 2022

NOBODY can save you but yourself. 

That is the tough truth. 

The coaching, self-help & healing industry may lead you to believe otherwise, conjuring your insecurities & beliefs of inadequacy through their marketing messages. And so there are some inherent conflicts of interest within the commodification of healing & spirituality...  because healers (like most of us living under capitalist rule) are desiring to make a living helping people, BUT that requires someone to need their help. So beware of the subtle distortions that creep into the healing, self-help & wellness space.

Because my love, truthfully, NO ONE can rescue you, or heal you, or save you.  

As a "healer," I am here to heal myself & in turn offer myself to you merely as a guide, to reflect & assist you on your own personal healing journey - entirely unique to you. I don't innately have anything you don't. Our souls came into human form with the same god-given capacities. We surely have had different childhoods & experiences shaping how our soul wisdom has come to know and express itself... but ultimately, I don't have anything you don't also have. I don't know more than you. I don't have any special abilities or talents or wisdom that you truthfully can't access within yourself. And I would be weary of any healer or shaman that tells you otherwise. 

*Perhaps*, I have done more healing work to strengthen my own inner connection to Source consciousness... or perhaps not. *Perhaps* my trainings have accelerated or made my innate capabilities more accessible - but more than likely they have just given me a credential to validate & tokenize my inherent worthiness to others in a culture & economy that is fueled by unworthiness.

I invite you to sit with that for a moment..

We live in a culture that loves give our power away to "authority" - which is at the root of many of the atrocities we allow to occur in our world today - to those with credentials, trainings, education, titles, suits, lab coats... because at the root, capitalism & systems of power & control can't allow you to believe you are BORN WORTHY AS YOU ARE, no no no... Systems of power & control need you to question your innate birthrights of worthiness, Godliness, enoughness, divinity, so that you can be manipulated. (but this is a muchhhh bigger topic for another post, whew - biting off more than I can chew in one post here, haha)... 

But it is important to notice, this societal "need" for credentials we've been brainwashed into, as it is inherently anti-indigenous (indigenousness - being rooted in our connection to the Earth & the land we live on). Credentials & institutions are apart of the machine that manufactures & perpetuates classism & elitism - as they elevate certain people who play by "The Rules" and conform to controlled narratives of Life & Truth, through the existence of these "regulating bodies" & institutions who have "sanctioned" what is truth & what isn't according to their own interests & biases...

Meanwhile, Indigenous peoples who have PROFOUND wisdom, intelligence & know-how, don't have laundry lists of credentials & titles & trainings... and are then "discredited" by our "societies." When in reality, they have a wonderfully deep connection to the Truth of who they are & to Life itself. They are expert students of Life & Self & Nature. They are the original scientists, before institutions like "higher education" & The Church entered the scene & divorced us from our inherent connection to God-Source Consciousness... 

For in this connection to God-Source Consciousness - all can be known, all truth can be found, all questions can be answered... for we are deeply woven into the cosmic fabric of creation, in an inextricable & inexplicable way. And we can no longer be manipulated or controlled, when we are aware of & attuned to our DIRECT connection with God-Source Consciousness when there is no intermediary filtering reality & telling us what the Truth is... and hence why it is very strategic to "discredit" indigenous wisdom & life-ways.

But I digress.  

After all, human life can be tough in this world of form. I think we all can agree that is nice to have help sometimes. I personally feel we aren't here to do this alone. After all, so much of what "healing" is, is really rooted in our innate wholeness & unity - in our relationships - in all our relations.

And so here I am, a "healer"... at your service. 

I am really just a soul that believes in a more beautiful world, who has faced enough of my own inner storms & fires & demons to be able to lovingly sit with you in yours. 

I've hit my rock bottom and SAVED MYSELF,  and so if you need help in your healing journey, I am here, to be your mirror & ally.  But never underestimate yourself and give your power away to me or anyone else. And never mistake me for your guru, or your healer. I've got lots of pointers & tools, as well as hands & a willing heart to support you, but ultimately YOU have to DO THE WORK. I can't do it for you. I can't alchemize your pain into treasure & pleasure - only you can do that. 

Truly YOU are your own healer. Gaia & Great Spirit are your healers. I am just here to assist you in your journey, as a loving witness, to mirror to you the Truth, through my own relationship to it... 

I pray that my experiences, transmissions & offerings aid you in awakening your own inner gnosis & remembrance of Self. I pray that I may be a clear & holy mirror, a sacred friend, & fellow cosmic-traveller & that we may walk Home to Truth & Love together as God/dess's beloved cosmic children - that through our re-connection to our wholeness, our Love & our worthiness, as we clear the collective amnesia, that we can co-create a more beautiful world together.

So I say thank you for SAVING YOURSELF, and for asking for help in the ways you need it along the way, because Truthfully you are already saved, and as a Creator of your own reality you get to explore the capacity of your Power & your Love & your Consciousness - and "healing" is a marvelous part of the exploration of Self on this wild ride called Life. 


With so much Love, 🌹 

Haazel Hannah - your fellow stardust-encrusted spirit dancing through the cosmos