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By purchasing a medicine box subscription this season, you will receive a lovely discount! Your subscription greatly supports me in cultivating a sustainable business & continuing this sacred work. Thank you for supporting women-owned businesses & these ancestral crafts. 🌹 Wado. 🙏 

Little Magick Box


$100 Value

  • For $75/month, receive $100 in magickal herbal goodness - usually equates to 1 FREE item 
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Big Magick Box


$200 Value

  • For $144 / mo. receive $200 in magickal herbal goodness - usually equates to 2-3 FREE items every month!
  • Have a well-stocked medicine cabinet & tea cupboard as well as wonderful gifts on hand for friends & family
  • Get 10% OFF additional product orders & other WitchEye Awakened Offerings
  • Customize Your Box
  • Receive Access to the Witch Eye Wellness Portal + 1 Monthly Herbal Ally Educational Video
  • Free Shipping ✨ 
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